StarTimes Unveils Integrated Digital TV Set

StarTimes Nigeria, a foremost pay-tv and technology company has unveiled its newest innovation and smart option for Nigerians – the integrated H...

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StarTimes Nigeria, a foremost pay-tv and technology company has unveiled its newest innovation and smart option for Nigerians – the integrated HD digital TV set.

The new television product which comes in three sizes and already available in the market is designed with in-built decoders integrated with the television thereby saving users the stress of buying TV and decoder separately as well as clumsy wiring connections.

The smart product, which comes permanently with over 100 pay TV and free-to-air channels, will grant end users instant access to join the digital TV train as currently being promoted by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The new StarTimes integrated digital TV set comes with upgradeable operating system, full HD LED screen category, 2 HDMI ports, 5MM Bezel, 1920*1080 resolution, 8W*2 digital noise filter system, and 100-240V, 75W Voltage with 12 months’ warranty.

Speaking at the official unveiling ceremony in Lagos, Tunde Aina, StarTimes Nigeria Chief Operating Officer, stated that as a pay TV industry leader StarTimes is committed to new innovations and technologies that can enhance digital TV experience for Nigerians and Africans and rally the people to enjoy maximum dtv entertainment at very affordable rates.

He said, “StarTimes commits itself to providing customers with the most endurable Digital LED TVs and the most splendid viewing experience, integrated with the cutting-edge technologies and exquisite craftsmanship.”

The TV comes with 60 per cent Lower Energy Consumption than CRT TV, designed for decorating a more fashionable space with its maximum thickness of 70mm and the minimum thickness of 13mm and Offer boundless viewing pleasure with 5mm ultra-slim bezel and silver skating blade stand which uplifts your viewing, he noted.

Head of Public Relations, Israel Bolaji said The StarTimes integrated DTV product comes inbuilt with the Combo Decoder which allows viewers to enjoy both digital terrestrial (DTT) and digital satellite (DTH) digital television on it.

The StarTimes spokesperson, who claimed the company had forced down the price of pay-TV to the convenient reach of the masses introducing for the first time in Nigeria the very mass market friendly DTT (Antenna) pay-TV model, explained that the digital TV platform has played a significant role in boosting the industry and has set the pace in many areas, including affordable pricing, collaboration and innovation.

“Our deliberate collaboration with terrestrial analogue TV stations and the government through the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) was also instructive, as it marked the first and true beginning of strategic engagements involving public and private partnership towards actualization of digital TV switch over which is currently evolving. Today, everybody else is scrambling to partner same stations which were ignored for many years.

“We just don’t sell decoders, we provide all-round delightful digital television entertainment and experience for the household with over 100 channels that enrich viewers, including every member of the family. We further support subscribers with viewing convenience programs like door to door after sales services, 24-7 care phone lines, add-on channels and convenient payment models and online platforms. Our add-on bouquets, for instance, enables subscribers on lower-cost bouquet access channels on higher bouquets without switching bouquets,” he added.

On StarTimes, Nigerians can enjoy fantastic channels like FOX, FOX sports, ST Sports premium, ST Sports World, irokoworld, irokoplay AMC Movies, ST Zone, Orisun, ST Yoruba; Bollywood channels like Star Plus and Zee Cinema. Music channels like ST Music, Nigezie and MTV Base; documentary channels like IDX, Nat Geo Gold and Discovery Science; news channels – Al Jazeera and Bloomberg; ST Novela, Wazobia, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Baby TV, Fine Living and many more.‎

Source: StarTimes Unveils Integrated Digital TV Set | Nigeria CommunicationsWeek